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Sketch In the New Year

Last night my husband and I went to our favorite Indian restaurant for their special New Year’s buffet.   I mentioned I wanted to sketch my dinner to get used to sketching in public without the local chapter of Urban Sketchers to act as a buffer.  Oh, you can read about our new chapter in Jan 2019 issue of Drawing Attention  

I was too hungry to sketch before eating, but after I was finished, I decided I’d sketch the plate of naan we had on the table, along with my empty chai cup.   I’ve sketched in public before, and have had people come up to me, but never when I’m on my own.  A few of the workers stopped as they passed by to see what I was doing.   No one screamed “OMG THIS WOMAN IS DRAWING THIS HORRIBLE PICTURE”, no one made me stand up to share my work with the whole restaurant, no one really even spoke more than a few phrases in passing as I drew.

Drawing in public is scary to a lot of people, but based on my experience, we create that fear. There’s no phsyical danger in it.  No one really cares what you’re doing, they’re too concerned with themselves. You could be on your phone, or in your sketchbook.  Which is more rewarding?


One Week 100 People 2018

I did a thing!  I saw on Instagram there was a OneWeek100People sketch challenge March 5th – March 9th.  Which is really only 5 days, and not proper week, but time is relative.  My goal was to sketch 20 people a day.  It sounded like a lot at first, but as I got into it, it was fun! I began looking forward to sketching each day. I sketched from TV paused screen, photos in my phone of family, Instagram friends, google search for mug shots, magazines I have around the house. I did some faces, some urban sketching style crowds.  I finished a day early to boot!

My sketches aren’t great, but they are fairly recognizable.  My oldest son mentioned wearing his ‘waffle shirt’ in the sketch I did of him from a photo of his 21st birthday.  I learned what watercolors make a variety of skin tones, and which ones don’t work out so well.  I learned shading more is sometimes better than less, and that noses are weird.

I’m not freaked out about adding people to a sketch now.