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A Sick Cat and the Cup

It’s been a surreal week.  I have neglected my gratitude journal but once I have some time to breathe and catch up, I’ll easily write a page in it.

Late Sunday morning my cat Jet started acting odd.  He was meowing loudly, and David commented that he sounded like a goat.  Jet stayed in the yoga room, meowing and I’d go pet him. He acted like he was in pain and I thought he had eaten something that had caused a blockage.  I planned on calling the vet 1st thing on Monday morning.

Monday morning, Jet’s lethargic, laying in the shower and barely moving.  He would acknowledge you when petting him but he wasn’t able to walk on his own.  I called the vet as soon as they opened and they were booked up for the day as the vet was leaving early as well and sent me to the emergency pet hospital if I thought it was serious.

At the pet hospital, we found out Jet had a urethra blockage and I honestly have no idea how long it had been going on.  His body temp was about 10 deg below normal and he was severely dehydrated.  Essentially my cat was dying.  They were able to get the blockage out and begin flushing his bladder, which was full of blood.  He stayed in the pet hospital with fluids and a catheter for 3 days .

Now he’s at home and slowly acting more like himself.  I’m monitoring his water intake & urine output.  I don’t think his back to normal but he is peeing on his own.  Hopefully each day he’ll get a little better but we’re not out of the woods yet. He could easily become blocked again.   I have a pet water fountain on order that will double as a meditation fountain and I’m making the yoga room his little sanctuary while he recovers.

Then last night my favorite hockey team won the Stanley Cup for the 1st time in their 44 year history.  I started watching the Washington Capitals after I first saw Ovechkin play in the 2006 Winter Olympics.  I have watched them lose in the 2nd round of Stanley Cup playoffs more times than I care to acknowledge.  I happily ugly cried last night watching Ovie hoist the Cup.  It’s been a dream to watch this and I can’t even imagine how elated the team is!   Congrats guys!

Time to get ready for work.  I’m glad it’s Friday and I can spend the weekend with Jet.


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Ready for Fall

The last month has been busy, a lot of ups and downs for me emotionally.   After a minor … okay, more of a major… meltdown regarding finances I decided I’d take a 2nd job.  I decided to apply for a retail job with the upcoming holidays and was emailed to set up an interview.   After contemplating working 40 hours a week at my normal job, and then 20+ hours at a 2nd job, holiday hours and weekends, Black Friday and the rush of Christmas shoppers, I cancelled the scheduled interview.

I’ve re-discovered geocaching and have picked up a few on my way to & from work.   There are upcoming events, on the weekends, that I would have to opt out of if I were working on weekends.   I’m 3 caches away from hitting my 200 mark.

I’m also planning on attending some Sketch Meets.   The Oklahoma Arts Guild group meets on one Saturday a month and the OKC Urban Sketchers group meets on one Sunday a month.

Then there is the once a month art journalling group ladies I meet.  I so could not give up that time. It’s a recharger for me, able to get with like-minded people, and journal.  Sharing ideas and inspiration when I feel worn thin from daily life.

So with my creativity boosted, I’ll be listing my paintings for sale to make some extra money.  I’m getting photos and will calculate prices.  I’m not sure yet on how to ship them but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

On the Puppy front, Vision was 6 months old last week and is scheduled to be neutered tomorrow.   He’s getting a bit of an attitude when playing with Jarvis and there’s been a couple of times when Vision got a bit snarly.   Jarvis is 14 months old and has mellowed out quite a bit.  He is good at tattling on Vision though.  If Vision is into something he shouldn’t be, Jarvis will bark until I go check to see what’s going on.

Spiritually, I’m back into the “I can’t deal with church” mode.   I attended one church consistently until I broke my foot.  David took me a couple of weeks but once I was able to drive, he didn’t go back with me and I couldn’t muster the incentive to go on my own.  I went back today and I was bored.  The sermon didn’t do anything to me.  I played on my phone and gazed out the window.  I thought of going back to another church I had attended in 2012 but had a bad experience.  Then I thought “Why!?”  I’ve tried, it just doesn’t click.   I would love a small group to study spiritually with, but without the baggage I’ve experienced in “organized religion”.

I’m still craving community, but perhaps I can find that with the sketch groups and geo-cachers.