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Thankful Thursday 1/5/23

So I’m actually writing & posting this Friday morning, before I’ve had a full cup of coffee. I remembered 3 times yesterday to do this, then got distracted.

  • Uneventful New Year celebration
  • Household repairs
  • Seeing more robins
  • Pink & Orange
  • Schedules not changing
  • Routines that are changing
  • The achy feeling after a good workout
  • Figuring out a new planner
  • Cutting off jeans into shorts
  • Parrots

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Thankful Thursday 12/15/2022

  • Holiday events
  • Time to catch up
  • Binge watching shows
  • Christmas Wrapping
  • Crow schedules

Another prompt when I select “write a post”. Fun! I love prompts. Tell us about your first day at something.

My first time on a group cycling ride was an adventure. I decided to meet them mid-way instead of doing the whole route. I didn’t realize we were going to ride on the road and not on the bike trails. It was explained that there were too many of us to ride on the trails. On the road, we’re sort of like 1 large vehicle. Riding so close to another person was scary and I gripped my handlebar so tightly my arms hurt the next day. I was in the back with my friend, and it was difficult keeping up but there were a few stops to regroup. I was glad because I wasn’t good at grabbing my water bottle to take a drink while riding (I’m still not great at it). It was still a challenge, but it is easier to ride in a group.

I may have posted about this since it was 2 years ago, and now group rides are no big deal. I’m comfortable riding close to someone I know well & ride with often. Now I seem to be either in the front leading or in the back struggling. There’s not much of an in-between for me. That may be something more to ponder.

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Thankful Thursday 12/8/22

  • Holiday lights
  • Foggy Mornings
  • The Crows still visit
  • Feeling connections
  • Big changes ahead
  • The mesmerizing trance of knitting

I’ve never noticed before but there was a prompt asking “Do you ever see wild animals” I saw a lot of wild animals over Thanksgiving weekend. A deer ran out in front of my car on our trip to my mother-in-law’s house. Then while sitting on her couch, I looked out the open front door and saw a coyote walk next to a drainage canal next to her house. I had let my own dogs outside a few minutes before, but brought them back in when I heard all the neighborhood dogs barking (mine would have joined in and corgis have LOUD barks).

Memory Unlock / Thankful Thursday

While taking a break at work, I enjoyed some milk tea with a biscotti my husband bought me from a local bakery. The cookie reminded me of when in middle school, I made paximadia (greek anise biscotti) for either Latin Club or a class that was studying different cultures. I was deep into my Greek Mythology phase at this time so it was very natural I’d find a Greek recipe for the event.

I remember how time-consuming the process was. I had baked before but nothing this complex. Maybe just 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies. Nothing that required two baking times. I remember how hard the cookies were. I thought they were ruined. I had never had biscotti before so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I took them to the event, but I can’t recall if they were a hit or not. I don’t think anise flavor was very popular with 12-13yr olds. I vaguely feel like they were better received than I had expected they would be.

I’m don’t remember if my mom liked the cookies or not. She was a big coffee drinker so I would expect she may have enjoyed them with her coffee. I just don’t remember.

I’ll write in my journal an ‘artist date’ idea of making paximadia now 40 years later and see if the experience triggers any more memories.

I guess since it is a Thursday, I should get back into the habit of doing my Thankful Thursday posts. I know it’s been a while.

I am thankful for:

  • Memories unlocked
  • Cycles
  • Tackling difficult projects
  • Inspirational books
  • Angel numbers everywhere