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A group of artists I meet with are currently reading Twyla Tharp’s Creative Habit. She mentions Rituals, which got me thinking, What rituals do I already have?

I started lighting a candle and focusing on flow when I set up my bills each month. I started that after reading Tosha Silver’s “It’s Not Your Money” Now I feel off if I pay bills without the candle, and focusing on my intention on the ebb and flow of funds. Loosening my grip, so more can come.

I pull my Faery card on Sunday before I go to bed, or this week on Monday because of the holiday my days are messed up. I pull a Secret Message Society fortune in the mornings, and glue it either in my sketchbook or calendar planner.

I think I used to have more rituals but they’ve fallen by the wayside. Doing something with intention can be a ritual. Washing dishes, being aware of the warmth of the water, the feel of the dish, the sound of the scrubber.

This week I’ll explore where I can add ritual to my daily routines.


Adventures in Painting (a shed)

Oh it was a busy weekend! First I road 30 miles, my longest distance so far, in training for a 33 mile ride in November. A ride I signed up for next month has been changed to a virtual only event, so I wonder if the November ride will follow suit. Get your vaccine people! So that afternoon I was pretty immobile. I did not get my normal post ride headache. I started to get a headache so I would grab some salt and put it under my tongue. I did that every time I felt a headache starting, which seemed like most of the afternoon, but it didn’t go into full blown migraine mode. Maybe I’ve solved the post ride headache mystery.

The next day my mother-in-law was in town and helped paint the shed that was built last month. I think we have about 90% done. I’ll work on the trim this week and my husband will paint the top sides that I wasn’t comfortable painting on the ladder. This was the 1st time in over 30 years that I painted that wasn’t an art canvas. My mom’s voice was in my head loud! “You’re dripping paint, watch what you’re doing”. “You’re getting paint everywhere” “You’re not doing that right, you’re just making a mess”. Every time time a drop of paint landed on me, or the ground, BOOM there’s my mom. I kept reminding myself paint was getting on the walls and we bought WAY too much paint so it’s not like it was being wasted if I dropped some.

I was on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Comments made were hitting a bit harder than they normally would. I tried to explain to my husband, but was told “Don’t be X, be Y instead”… and repeated questions about what color the doors would be, I had to get away and hid in my closet for a bit. No more than 5 minutes, I don’t think anyone noticed I was gone, or upset.

I’m glad to have a quiet day today, prep for the beginning of next month and have time to myself. If you’re struggling today, you’re not alone. Let’s take one moment, one task at a time, pause to rest when needed and if you’re able to have a self-care day enjoy you’re favorite activities.

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Busy weekend & thrown schedules

I realized yesterday evening I didn’t write a blog post. My weekend was busy and my schedule has been thrown off. Monday felt like Sunday, even though I was at work.

I’m still playing with finding a schedule for writing and making my podcast. I was going to skip this week’s podcast but I knew that would lead to pushing it off more and more. So I recorded some thoughts on initiating conversations with strangers as I drove to work. When I scheduled it for Wednesday, I noticed that the last podcast was still set in draft mode. I thought I had scheduled it. I tried scheduling it again, and it remained in my draft folder. Then I noticed I have to put a comment about the episode before the publish button become active. I did end up skipping a week, inadvertently, and I’m really ahead of the game with 2 podcasts scheduled.

In a spiritual discussion with friends about Week 10 of The Artists Rule one of my Stop Doing/To Be was Stop planning everything and be spontaneous. I don’t think spontaneity works in all aspects of life. I like the comfort of a schedule. Knowing I will write or record on certain days helps me stay consistent. Consistency is something I’ve also had problems with in the past.

This week’s Fairy Card is The Big Behind. I would have laughed if I had pulled this card the week after my colonoscopy. The gist of this card is knowing your options & changing perspective. Look behind you instead of always forward. In cycling I have a difficult time looking behind me for cars when I need to change lanes. I have installed mirrors on my drop bars which helps but I still need to gain the skill of being able to turn around to look while riding. Sometimes you need to reverse trek and go back to where you come from in order to advance. I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood and how different I am now. Am I really different though? Can I incorporate or return to that fearless chatterbox of a little girl?


Thankful Thursday August 12 2021

Technically today is Friday the 13th. I didn’t quite forget about writing yesterday. I just remembered when it was an inopportune time to write. It’s been a busy week!

  • I’m thankful for cycling with friends
  • I’m thankful for cold brew coffee on a hot afternoon
  • I’m thankful for pollinator flowers attracting butterflies to my yard
  • I’m thankful for going to bed early some nights
  • I’m thankful for brain puzzles like sudoku
  • I’m thankful for trying new things

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August already?

I guess it’s been August for a week but seeing school zone lights flashing this morning really reinforced that summer is coming to an end. We’re in a head advisory so it doesn’t feel like fall.

The weekend was busy. New adventures and paths ridden on my bike. I joined a friend on a 21 mile total. We stopped at a mural festival, met up with other friends that took a different (longer) route, enjoyed some ice coffee and donut from a local cafe. I pushed myself too hard as usual and ended up borderline overheated.

It’s so hard to not push myself on rides. If there is a specific destination in mind, I push myself to get there quickly. I push myself in groups as to not hold anyone else back. I want to relax into the adventure of travelling new roads and seeing new things.

Maybe it’s like a meditation practice, or yoga practice. A cycling practice.

I forgot to pull a faery card for the week. I meant to pull a Wild Offering card this morning but forgot that as well. I have a life coaching cards app on my phone. I’ll “pull” a card from it…. “Shooting Star” That’s appropriate since I have the Perseid meteor shower peaks on Wednesday.

I don’t have much on my calendar for the week so I won’t rush in to fill the empty squares. Being mindful and present is a goal but not something I need to put on a “to do” list.