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Yesterday morning as I got ready for work, I decided to not wear makeup because I was planning a cycling workout in the evening. I didn’t want to have to remove my makeup before I showered after the workout, knowing it would be intense & I’d sweat more than I would during a casual indoor ride.

That leads me to think of how can I simplify my routine so I have more time to do things like write, paint, sketch, and practice Spanish on Duolingo. A full face of makeup daily is a place to start. Today I’m wearing a moisturizer with some foundation powder and tinted lip balm. Simple. No mascara, no eye shadow, no eyebrow gel. It will be a quick wash when I go to bed and I won’t have to scour my eyes to make sure there’s no residual mascara to make my eyes darker than they already are.

Next, I thought about my wardrobe. How can I simplify it? I’m due to go clothes shopping soon (the last time I bought jeans was online at the start of covid in 2020 when many retailers shut down to in-person shopping) I thought about switching jeans for leggings but no. I like demin, and I want to experiment on altering pockets to make them larger. So sticking with jeans, and my favorite year-around booties (BOC Sabelle lace-ups) so maybe simple t-shirts and sweaters for layering, maybe some scarves. Mix and Match, but have a few ‘extra’ things for going out (those would be full makeup days as well).

How can I make art regularly a simple practice? Last night, after my workout & shower, I needed to get my Steal Like an Artist Journal 30-day challenge completed. I have a bunch of 5×7 (ish – maybe more like 4×6) cards that I’m going to create something on every day. I really didn’t want to sit in the dining room /studio so I grabbed a few cards and a travel art kit I created to carry with me to work, plopped in front of the TV to watch (listen) to Big Bang Theory reruns while I created a face with watercolor crayons and used some scrap paper to glue a shirt. These cards aren’t intended to be masterpieces but a practice to get the creative juices flowing.

Tonight I’ll meet for a knitting group and since I’m in-between projects decided I’d continue my simplicity theme and crochet some cat hats to use up some of the yarn I have stashed. I think it will be quick to work up some to put in my Etsy shop, which is on my list to update & utilize in 2023.

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Art & Corgis. Introvert. ISFP. Sketcher. Bike Rider. Ukulele. Dilettante. I'd rather be outside. Embrace the weird. Life is better with tiki drinks.

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