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I’ve been busy today cleaning and getting ready for the week when I finally sat down and scrolled a bit on Instagram. I have 2 accounts, my personal one which is mostly corgis and cycling, and my art account which I admit has been neglected the last month. But I noticed there were 3 notifications on my art account. I flipped over to it, and no, they weren’t really notifications. 2 of them were Hey these people have posted, you should look and the other was You may know this person.

I noticed that happens more and more on social media. Notifications that you may be missing out. Look at what these other people are doing. I don’t know if I have any feelings towards them, I just noticed that they’re not notifications of connection just the apps way of saying “look it, look it, look it” like a kid wanting attention.

Then I think once I post, I can have it sent to my social media accounts. Facebook and my re-set up (3rd times a charm right?) Twitter account, oh and Tumblr, but I honestly don’t know anyone on tumblr. Am I one of the people screaming for attention? I won’t set it to be shared, this is a rambling post that serves no purpose other than getting me into the habit of writing on the weekend.

Back to cleaning…

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Art & Corgis. Introvert. ISFP. Sketcher. Bike Rider. Ukulele. Dilettante. I'd rather be outside. Embrace the weird. Life is better with tiki drinks.

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