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New Year, Same Me

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I forgot the write my annual obligatory year-end post but I don’t have any esoteric wisdom to share. I could do a year in review. Maybe I did that last year? Well, in 2021. I forget what I write on this blog, and I don’t go back to re-read what I’ve written in the past. Just verifying renewal info, I’ve had this incarnation of this blog since 2018. I know I had one before that and found where I had saved some old posts I had intended to share. That didn’t happen. Maybe that was the year before. Everything blurs together, and the pandemic year(s) didn’t help.

Quick review – I didn’t ride my bike as much in 2022 as I did in 2021 but I did ride a few new locations, working on hills. I had more trainer miles, and I expect that trend to continue.

I did go on vacation, and didn’t have a panic attack about it. I’m learning to spin wool and when it’s warmer outside will try to wash a small bit of fleece to learn that process. Back to knitting and found some local knitters to hang out with once a month.

I’m back doing Duolingo, working on learning Spanish. Maybe I’ll never be comfortably conversational but if I can add to the words I understand and improve grammar, it’ll be a win.

I do want to write more here. I’m paying for it, and social media has become annoying so I’ll share more here. Back to basics in a weird way.

The word I selected for 2023 is Connect but I really feel like disconnecting. Or maybe looking more at how & why I connect. Social media is reminding me more and more of the seagulls in Finding Nemo all screaming MINE MINE MINE. There are some genuine connections but I doubt many of the people who follow me (or who I follow) would recognize me if I passed them on the street, or was sitting next to them in a coffee shop. And would I recognize them? How is that connection?

I’m also reading a book titled “Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection” by John T Cacioppo and William Patrick. I knew chronic loneliness can lead to many physical ailments, but I didn’t realize it could impair cognitive functions as well. I know it’s more difficult to make friends as an adult and I wonder how many people, especially the elderly, die earlier than they would have if they had more social connections. That sentence feels bulky but Grammarly didn’t give me any red lines on it

So really new me, same me. Maybe more mindfully connected. Or maybe just rambling what’s in my head onto this blog.

Happy New Year!

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Art & Corgis. Introvert. ISFP. Sketcher. Bike Rider. Ukulele. Dilettante. I'd rather be outside. Embrace the weird. Life is better with tiki drinks.

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