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Thankful Thursday 12/15/2022

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  • Crow schedules

Another prompt when I select “write a post”. Fun! I love prompts. Tell us about your first day at something.

My first time on a group cycling ride was an adventure. I decided to meet them mid-way instead of doing the whole route. I didn’t realize we were going to ride on the road and not on the bike trails. It was explained that there were too many of us to ride on the trails. On the road, we’re sort of like 1 large vehicle. Riding so close to another person was scary and I gripped my handlebar so tightly my arms hurt the next day. I was in the back with my friend, and it was difficult keeping up but there were a few stops to regroup. I was glad because I wasn’t good at grabbing my water bottle to take a drink while riding (I’m still not great at it). It was still a challenge, but it is easier to ride in a group.

I may have posted about this since it was 2 years ago, and now group rides are no big deal. I’m comfortable riding close to someone I know well & ride with often. Now I seem to be either in the front leading or in the back struggling. There’s not much of an in-between for me. That may be something more to ponder.

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