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Rewind: Bead Swap!

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I found some old blog posts on an external drive & thought I would share them here. This is the 1st one in the folder, dated 2010. I think I ended up putting some of the paper beads bracelets I made into geocaching caches for SWAG.

I received my beads from Janice Mae at Aubrey’s Beads swap last week and I’m so amazed!  Some of these guys look like glass beads and the ones rolled in sand in Aruba are probably my super favorites!  There are some so tiny, they look like seed beads. But they’re paper!

There are some really neat bell shaped beads I plan to use for earrings. Just need to pick up some more finding (dropped a post & it’s lost now!).  The large circle bead is 1” in diameter and I plan on using as a center for a drop necklace.  I know what I want to do, I’m just not certain how.

BeadSwap 002

I did pick a few of the brown & natural tone beads to use for a bracelet.  Janice Mae also sent some accent beads and there were some pretty brown glass beads I used as spacers. It’s a nice solid feeling bracelet 

BeadSwap 006

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