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A quick break

Taking a break at work, I can’t check Facebook or Instagram since both sites are down and there’s really nothing on Twitter but people complaining about Facebook and Instagram. So I thought I’d type out a quick post, and reflect on life before social media. Because I’m old.

I took programming class in junior high (mid 1980s) but it was in DOS and our big project was printing out a big ansi/ascii banner (I don’t remember which). I didn’t spend any other time on a computer. At home I’d watch TV, read magazines, clean my room, sort out clothes, ride my bike. I was in band so I’d practice or play music for fun.

Now, I find myself grabbing my phone for a distraction. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. I post and constantly look for a like or comment. I’ve contemplating deleting them. I could easily do without Twitter. I am connected with others sketchers & cyclists on FB and Insta, but how connected are we? I check for group ride notifications and cancellations. I thought about how people used to have phone trees, where each person was assigned some one to call to pass along a message. Now we have group texts. Social media is easy, but it’s not simple.

Even though I’m posting this online, I feel less connected with others than I did before I had an online presence.

Luckily my sketchbook is always in my purse with some fine liners and watercolor so even without social media dopamine monkey to chase, I can have “something to do”.

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