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A group of artists I meet with are currently reading Twyla Tharp’s Creative Habit. She mentions Rituals, which got me thinking, What rituals do I already have?

I started lighting a candle and focusing on flow when I set up my bills each month. I started that after reading Tosha Silver’s “It’s Not Your Money” Now I feel off if I pay bills without the candle, and focusing on my intention on the ebb and flow of funds. Loosening my grip, so more can come.

I pull my Faery card on Sunday before I go to bed, or this week on Monday because of the holiday my days are messed up. I pull a Secret Message Society fortune in the mornings, and glue it either in my sketchbook or calendar planner.

I think I used to have more rituals but they’ve fallen by the wayside. Doing something with intention can be a ritual. Washing dishes, being aware of the warmth of the water, the feel of the dish, the sound of the scrubber.

This week I’ll explore where I can add ritual to my daily routines.

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