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Busy weekend & thrown schedules

I realized yesterday evening I didn’t write a blog post. My weekend was busy and my schedule has been thrown off. Monday felt like Sunday, even though I was at work.

I’m still playing with finding a schedule for writing and making my podcast. I was going to skip this week’s podcast but I knew that would lead to pushing it off more and more. So I recorded some thoughts on initiating conversations with strangers as I drove to work. When I scheduled it for Wednesday, I noticed that the last podcast was still set in draft mode. I thought I had scheduled it. I tried scheduling it again, and it remained in my draft folder. Then I noticed I have to put a comment about the episode before the publish button become active. I did end up skipping a week, inadvertently, and I’m really ahead of the game with 2 podcasts scheduled.

In a spiritual discussion with friends about Week 10 of The Artists Rule one of my Stop Doing/To Be was Stop planning everything and be spontaneous. I don’t think spontaneity works in all aspects of life. I like the comfort of a schedule. Knowing I will write or record on certain days helps me stay consistent. Consistency is something I’ve also had problems with in the past.

This week’s Fairy Card is The Big Behind. I would have laughed if I had pulled this card the week after my colonoscopy. The gist of this card is knowing your options & changing perspective. Look behind you instead of always forward. In cycling I have a difficult time looking behind me for cars when I need to change lanes. I have installed mirrors on my drop bars which helps but I still need to gain the skill of being able to turn around to look while riding. Sometimes you need to reverse trek and go back to where you come from in order to advance. I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood and how different I am now. Am I really different though? Can I incorporate or return to that fearless chatterbox of a little girl?

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