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Thankful Thursday August 12 2021


Technically today is Friday the 13th. I didn’t quite forget about writing yesterday. I just remembered when it was an inopportune time to write. It’s been a busy week!

  • I’m thankful for cycling with friends
  • I’m thankful for cold brew coffee on a hot afternoon
  • I’m thankful for pollinator flowers attracting butterflies to my yard
  • I’m thankful for going to bed early some nights
  • I’m thankful for brain puzzles like sudoku
  • I’m thankful for trying new things

Author: gentlesoularts

Art & Corgis. Introvert. ISFP. Sketcher. Bike Rider. Ukulele. Dilettante. I'd rather be outside. Embrace the weird. Life is better with tiki drinks.

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  1. Can you let me know if you get the attachment?


  2. Thankful Thursday August 12 2021.