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August already?

I guess it’s been August for a week but seeing school zone lights flashing this morning really reinforced that summer is coming to an end. We’re in a head advisory so it doesn’t feel like fall.

The weekend was busy. New adventures and paths ridden on my bike. I joined a friend on a 21 mile total. We stopped at a mural festival, met up with other friends that took a different (longer) route, enjoyed some ice coffee and donut from a local cafe. I pushed myself too hard as usual and ended up borderline overheated.

It’s so hard to not push myself on rides. If there is a specific destination in mind, I push myself to get there quickly. I push myself in groups as to not hold anyone else back. I want to relax into the adventure of travelling new roads and seeing new things.

Maybe it’s like a meditation practice, or yoga practice. A cycling practice.

I forgot to pull a faery card for the week. I meant to pull a Wild Offering card this morning but forgot that as well. I have a life coaching cards app on my phone. I’ll “pull” a card from it…. “Shooting Star” That’s appropriate since I have the Perseid meteor shower peaks on Wednesday.

I don’t have much on my calendar for the week so I won’t rush in to fill the empty squares. Being mindful and present is a goal but not something I need to put on a “to do” list.

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