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Burritos and Bad Ideas

Last night I made a mistake.  It was a tasty mistake and I enjoyed the process (Isn’t that the important thing?) but the aftermath was another story.

Sunday evening, my husband went to the grocery store for cereal, asking if I wanted anything.  Frozen microwave burritos sounded good and I haven’t had them for a while.  Sunday evening, I ate 3 of them (serving size is 1) and slightly regretted it as I had a mild case of heartburn as I went to bed.

Last night I figured I would eat 2 burritos, then wait a while and go ride my bike.  I haven’t ridden since Saturday and I try to not go more than 2 days without a ride.  But as I sat down, watching TV eating the burritos, I thought maybe I really do need another rest day.   I did yoga in the morning.  My left hamstring is sore so maybe I overstretched it.  It felt good to sit.  I decided to heat up another burrito (this would be #3).  

It was so tasty, and I love the texture of the tortilla when it’s slightly grease-soaked from the chili meat.  As the next episode of Big Bang Theory started, I knew there was less chance of a ride.  I didn’t really want to ride in the neighborhood and I was less inclined to load my bike up to ride at the lake.  May as well heat up another burrito. 

There were 2 burritos left.  Heating up one seemed pointless, like leaving 1 Poptart in a bag instead of eating both.  So I heated up both (Burritos #4 and #5) 

5 burritos. 150mg of cholesterol.   I’m not even going to look up the calories.   If I thought the heartburn Sunday night was bad, it was nothing compared to Monday night.   But I can’t say I regretted it completely.   They were so good. 

I’m not hungry for breakfast and didn’t bring anything for lunch.  I’ve got some chicken salad, wheat crackers, and miso soup I can have if I get hungry. Truly hungry, which may not be until this afternoon.

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