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Wasting time

I have plans. Really, I plan to spend time creating artwork for my very empty Etsy store. I plan to finish the canvas painting I started pre-pandemic. I plan on riding my bike, talking walks, working in the flowerbeds.

Then I sit down. Once I sit down when I get home from work, it’s game over man.

I’m thinking of incorporating a timer. Sit down for 15 mins. Enough to transition from work to home mentality. Or destress from my commute. Then back up & at ’em.

Resting and self-care are priority, but when resting becomes sloth. Going down the rabbit hole, I looked up what exactly “sloth” means in relation to the Seven Deadly Sins. (I am an enneagram 5w4 by the way)

In Ancient Greek is was “Acedia” meaning lack of care. Listlessness, no f*s to be given, an inert state without feeling. It’s easy to see how it was synonymous with depression when brain chemistry wasn’t studied.

I don’t come home listless, or without feeling. I end up sitting and playing Animal Crossing or scrolling TikTok.

The Next Day:

Last night I managed a good balance of doing and resting. I wanted to make some apple crisp to use up the apples I had bought in bulk. They were a bit too mealy to eat. I found a simple recipe with ingredients I had on-hand. As I sat talking with my son about dinner plans (he grabbed some fast food) I knew if I kept sitting, nothing would accomplished. I forced myself to start peeling the apples while he ran to get dinner. I sat and ate after the apples were prepped, and then after eating, finished the apple crisp. As it baked, I played Animal Crossing for 30 mins. The timer for the oven doubled for my ACNH timer.

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I sat at my art desk and worked on an 8×10 mixed media piece. Maybe I’ll ‘multi-task’ listening to podcast with my art time. I have a lot of podcasts in my ‘to listen’ queue.

Tonight I’ll plan a few other small things to keep from spending all evening sitting around. It’s been over a year since I last geocached.

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