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First Vaccine

I received my 1st vaccine for Covid last week. It’s hard to find an appointment in the metro area I live, so I drove to the town my mother-in-law lives, and spent the day with her. I was in and out within 25 mins and that includes the 15 min period to wait after the shot.

Apart from some soreness, I didn’t have any reactions the 1st day. The 2nd day, I did feel sick. Slight fever (less than 101), body aches, chills, headache. I spent most of the day in bed, as much as my corgis would let me. On day 3, I was fine. I’d rather be slightly sick for 1 day, than extremely sick, in ICU on a ventilator and possibly die.

I look forward to having brunch with friends again. I haven’t seen them in over a year now. When you’re an introvert and don’t crave the company of others, it’s easy to fall within the cracks of socialization when worldwide everyone has to stop.

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