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Amazfit Zenbuds – An Honest Review

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This is a not a sponsored review. I backed the Zenbuds IndieGoGo project in June because I’ve used foam ear plugs for decades to block out my husband snoring. He now has a CPAP machine, but I’ve gotten used to sleeping with ear plugs. He watches movies in the living room, and the TV and speakers are on the other side of the wall from the bed. So technically, I’m close to the speakers in the bedroom laying in bed than he is sitting across the living room on the couch.

First Impressions:

The design of the case & earbuds are really nice. The twist to open case was difficult at first. I have slight arthritis in my hands, and someone with more severe arthritis might have a problem opening the case.

The case twists to open

I’ve noticed a lot of reviews complaining that they couldn’t find the app to connect the earbuds. There’s a QR scan code in the instruction booklet and it was easy to install. Creating my account was a challenge. The Captcha code is small neon green numbers with black spots and lines on a light blue background. I couldn’t zoom in to see the numbers and there was no way I could make out the neon green characters. I decided to screen shot the captcha code, zoomed in on the screenshot photo and it was much easier to see.

Then I set out to connect the earbuds. The app couldn’t find them. Nothing. So I charged the earbuds and case for a few hours and tried again. The 2nd time they connected quickly. I am getting a random “Bluetooth Error, Please restart Boothtooth” when I’m not using the earbuds so I don’t know what the app is trying to do.

Testing at Bedtime:

The earbuds come installed with the “medium” tips and includes extra small, small and large ones so you can find what best fits your ear. I’m still trying to figure out which ones fit, or how the earbuds are supposed to fit. Looking at photos online, some are tilted more up, while others are horizontal.

Variety of sizes to find the perfect fit, but none work for me.

When it comes to noise blocking, these fail me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t figured out the correct fit or earpiece size. I can switch off the lamp on my night stand and hear the “click” as loud as if I weren’t wearing earbuds. So when my husband is watching movies in the living room, there’s no help.

The Music Library of sleep sounds is nice. I’ve been listening to the waves, at around 45% to help block out the sounds of the TV or my cat meowing. I’ve downloaded a few of the additional sounds, like Whale Song but I haven’t tried them.

I’ve tried them 4 nights in a row and have tended up taking them out & switching for my trusty Mack’s Ultra Soft Foams after about 2 1/2 hours. I have the sleep sounds to turn off when I fall asleep but I guess once that happens, sounds wake me up. I’m going to have to take a break from them for a few days to get a couple of nights of solid sleep, then I’ll try them with the sounds going all night.

I’d really like to wear them all night to see how the alarm feature works. I’ll try again this weekend, or during a nap.

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One thought on “Amazfit Zenbuds – An Honest Review

  1. I went for a hearing test years ago. The lady running the test noticed I have a small hearing loss. She mentioned earplugs will damage the hearing. Mine is from ear infections and second hand smoke. She suggested using headphones if you have to. Otherwise keep the volume down.