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Another Sword

This morning I pulled the Knight of Swords. Big changes, and be ready.

I got a lot accomplished this weekend. Bike rides, cleaning, it was busy but I felt really good. Then I checked the Informed Delivery for today’s mail. Credit collections for an MRI my son had last year after The Events of June 2019. Insurance denied it and workers comp hasn’t paid any of the medical bills. So I’m stressing, and trying to not fall into the pit of despair again.

I don’t want to ask for help because it means I couldn’t handle things. Especially when it comes to money. I try to remind myself it’s my son’s bill, not mine but even though he’s an adult, he’s my medical responsiblilty until he’s 26. HE needs to take care of it. Does he even know what he needs to do? Do I dip into my 401k? It IS a medical expense but I thought workers comp was handling the bills as part of the settlement. Again this is my son’s situation, not mine. So why do I feel responsible?

So tonight I’ll take another bike ride and clean some more.

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