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To Blog or Not to Blog…

(Obligatory End of the Year Post for 2018)

I’ve removed the payment information for my blog upgrades 3 times over the last 2 months, and I’ve put them back.    I’m looking for ways to cut excess costs so I can put more towards paying off credit card debt.  My dogs will no longer receive Barkbox (although I will recommend it to anyone. It is a great value for what you get but after 2 years we have a nice stash of toys and treats built up), and I thought cutting out the blog would help as well.

But then I think, I don’t really use the blog to my advantage for my artwork as little as I’ve done of that lately.  I’ve had on my Google Tasks list to revamp a few pages and post my finished art pieces, and it keeps getting pushed out another week or two. I may have deleted it all together, with the idea of ditching the blog.

And I’m thinking of What Am I Going to Do Differently In 2019  year-end reflection.  Art and Blogging.  Two things at the top of my priority list.  I slacked off on my ukulele after cutting the side of my thumb and I couldn’t strum without intense pain for about 3 weeks, I’d like to start that again.   Less social media, more blogging.   More creative Action, less mindlessly scrolling through Instagram pics of other people’s artwork.

I’ll write some tangible goals and deadlines for those goals (like revamping those pages) and work at staying on task.

Thank you to those who follow and read my blog.

Namaste and Happy Holidays.

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