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Marketing IN YOUR FACE!

I’m a sucker for a freebie.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  When a creative person offers a “free” workshop with various teachers, I tend to jump on board.  Of course, each teacher is going to offer a free gift with their course.  A PDF file tutorial or discount for their next workshop, just sign up with your email and you’ll get the free gift.  Along with all of their marketing newsletters, updates, offers.

The GDPR emails have me thinking, what do I really need in my life, email wise.  Some of the newsletters I’ve stayed on.  They’re unobtrusive, maybe one or two a  month or every few months.  Artists and creatives that I really love.   Others, holy crap, it’s like the pushy used car salesman that won’t leave you alone no matter how many times you say you’re just looking.

  • 1st email: Workshop offer
  • 2nd email: I wanted to make sure you saw my workshop offer
  • 3rd email: I really think you’ll love this AMAZING workshop offer
  • 4th email:  Here’s what others have said about my INCREDIBLE workshop offer
  • 5th email: Don’t let this ONCE IN A LIFETIME workshop offer pass you by.
  • 6th mail:  This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for my workshop offer (until I run it again in 6 months month).

It’s frustratingly crazy and a little bit sad.  I get you have to put yourself out there.  It’s something I don’t do well, and I’m working on it.  But the IN YOUR FACE emails and notifications are wearing me out.  Like physically.  I’m exhausted deleting, unsubscribing and turning off app notifications because they’re a constant bombardment.

I’ll say No Thank You to the many free workshops that offer a variety of teachers, each offering free gifts and their own workshops, with multiple teachers offering free gifts.  (I’m getting an Amway vibe just writing that!)

Within the last year, I get to deal with a box truck with digital billboards driving down the road when I’m going to work.  It drives the speed limit, during rush hour traffic easily flowing 5-10 miles over the speed limit.  You get stuck behind this thing, forget about getting around because everyone is flying past you.

And algorithms.  These do kind of make me laugh because I’m on the computer a lot at work, looking up spec sheets for products we offer.  Now on my Facebook sidebar I’m being shown products I have no personal interest in, but had to look up information on it for project at work.

I don’t think my  little rant will have any effect on the amount of marketing shoved in our faces but I am being aware of it, and how I respond to it. It won’t go away but I don’t have to join the zombie mob slowly ambling towards the latest gadget, or workshop.


I have to chuckle that the spell check function doesn’t recognize the word “unsubscribing”

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