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Going back to church

Funny – I thought I had a draft saved but now I can’t find it.

Sunday I went back to church.  I decided to join the 9:30 Spiritual Enrichment class on the Old Testament.   I guess it’s safe to say I grew up in a Pentecostal church (the church I’d go to when I stayed with my grandma during the summers), so I was taught the Bible is literal.  Even the church I went to with a high school sweetie was more literal that metaphorical.  The church I’m attending now is metaphysical and looks at the Bible completely differently.  It’s fascinating, but I feel like I’m trying to learn another language.

I spent at least 10 mins deciding what Bible to take, if I was going to take one at all.  In the churches of my youth, it was almost mandatory to bring a bible.  It would be referenced during sermons, and of course in ‘Sunday School’.   I have a Green Bible, I think I picked it up at Half Price Books. I thought it was interesting as it has an environmental slant.  Then I have the Lamsa translation monstrous Bible I bought when I was going through Foundations in a Science of Mind church.   The bible was barely touched and the spine isn’t even cracked.

Turns out my 10 minute deliberation was pointless, as there were handouts with the readings and the metaphysical meanings & discussion points.

It was very interesting and it was the 2nd week of the class so I don’t feel like I’m trying to play catch up.

The service also had one of those “this is a sign” moments.  Ever since I was a child, I’ve been curious about Lot’s wife’s name.   When I asked at the Pentecostal church “Children’s Church” I was told it didn’t matter because she disobeyed God, no more questions asked.  My mom placated me by telling me when I die and go to Heaven, I can ask for myself.

But during service on Sunday, the Reverend mentioned the story of Lot’s Wife turning into a pillar of salt.   I’ll take it as a sign to keep going and giving this a try.

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